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Founded in 2015, Sementes Vivas is the only Iberian company dedicated exclusively to the multiplication of high quality, organic and biodynamic certified seeds. We produce, select and breed organic seeds for final consumers, producers, nurseries, retail and other European seed companies. Our farm is the centerpiece of these activities.



Seed production


On our farm we do all types of seed production. From flower and herbs seeds to vegetables and even some extensive farm crops. Seed production is more challenging than normal vegetable production, especially due to the longer crop cycles. Happily enough we count with a professional and dedicated team, specialized in these seed productions.

We are spreading Portuguese and Spanish produced seeds all over the world as some varieties are sold to other seed companies to the North.

Variety trials


Our trial field is a fundamental part of our farm. On these fields we trial new varieties for various purposes. For example, we trial to see if the varieties adapt well to Iberian climate conditions. Besides, we trial our own produced seeds to check the uniformity, vigour and plant health. Each year we trial more than 1000 lotes, controlling and maintaining this way the quality of our seeds.

Organic Production


We produce 100% organic seeds, besides this some of our seeds have the additional biodynamic certification, DEMETER. The biodynamic certification is even stricter and specific than organic certification. For example, we have try to have an as closed as possible cycle for the nutrients and inputs for our farm, creating a self-sustaining organism. We use very little manure, as we are mainly focussed on green manure and crops rotation to maintain fertility, soil cover and soil health. You can read more about this subject here.

Our farm has other particularities besides the seeds. On the side of the farm we have a traditional rainfed almond orchard, 28 years old, which we care for and maintain since the beginning of the project. Two years ago we added various fruit trees to replace empty spaces in the orchard, we planted species such as apples, pears, oranges, pomegranates, cherries and others.

Besides the orchard we also have a flock of traditional breed of Portuguese chicken (Pedrês Portuguesa). The chickens help us by eating weed seeds, breaking pest cycles, and increasing the fertility of our orchard field, all whilst eating leftovers from the seed cleaning process.

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Next to our fields are the seed cleaning hall and other support buildings. Here we have our seed cleaning equipment, storage and logistic center from where we package and send seeds over the whole Iberian Peninsula and all over the world.

In the seed cleaning hall we have the availiblity to the most advanced machines to clean them to the highest possible quality. Here work our colleagues who everyday make sure that only the best quality seeds are sown by our clients.

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When the cleaning process is finalized, to guarantee the quality of the seeds, every lot of seeds is sent for germination tests at independent officialy certified laboratories. Furthermore, we trial the seeds in our greenhouse and on our fields to see how they perform under real life conditions. All these tests are replicated every 6 to 12 months , depending on the crop, to maintain the quality.


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 Our logistics centre, where we package and send all orders, is located in a recently restored building. In the building, where previously a cheesmaker and education center were located, currently contain two temperature and humidity controlled storage spaces for our seeds.

Besides this our offices are also located throughout this building.

Flow Forms

The farm of Living Seeds Sementes Vivas, located in Várzea in the Idanha a Nova region, close to the Portuguese/Spanish border, is in summer depending on water irrigation. Due to the big dam 7 km away from the farm there is enough water if every consumption is optimised. Sementes Vivas has invested in drip irrigation which is computer controlled to reduce the water consumption to a minimum.

The big dam built in 1923 is sponsored by the rain fall and the river Ponsul. In average of more than half a year the water stays without movement before it gets moved into the location of use. It does not take a natural riverbed to arrive at the farm. It flows through canal tubes.

Water is life and not only H2O. It is full of minerals, micro-organism, energy of life and life is born first in the sea water. Due to artificial storages and transport mechanism it can lose its liveliness. Dead water has lost elements which are important to be feed the soil, plants, animals and humans and it can less absorb other elements which the soil, plants, animals and human want to get rid off.

Water can be revived by natural riverbeds or special artificial forms. Sementes Vivas has installed so called flow forms passed by the water before using for irrigation.

Flowforms were inspired by mountain streams and the powerfully revitalizing properties of naturally purified water. The vortex principle (see Viktor Schauberger, introduced into biodynamic agriculture by Rudolf Steiner, creates a series of water features that used water itself as a force for change.

Flowform fountains utilize a figure eight flow pattern called the Lemniscate, which gently folds oxygen into the moving water and invigorates beneficial activity to assist organisms in breaking down unwanted pollutants. Flowform treated water has also been proven to increase and stimulate plant growth, using the revitalized water to irrigate gardens and landscapes with minimal volume and maximum efficiency.

The force of moving water also generates negative ions, healthy and naturally occurring charged particles that have positive effects on mood and energy. Negative ions are found in the atmosphere around oceans and mountain streams in quantities 10,000 times that of most offices and homes. Coming into contact with negative ions through our bloodstream increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in improved mood, lower stress levels, decreased drowsiness and more mental energy. The constant motion and figure eight formation of the Flowform fountain generates these same negative ions and can enliven a home, office or learning environment along with the soothing sound of a babbling brook. The naturally humidifying effect of moving water also has an improving effect on air quality, beneficial for plants and aiding respiratory sensitivities.

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