Radishes are on to the easiest and quickest to grow root vegetables. They can be planted almost the whole year around, except during the hot summer months, and are ready to harvest within a month. High temperatures will cause radishes to flower making them inedible.



Sow radishes on a sunny spot, if there is too much shadow, they will produce more leaves and smaller roots

Radishes like rich and well drained soils, if you have a very clay rich soil add some sand to improve drainage.

If you have poor soil incorporate some well-aged compost a few days before sowing.

Till your garden bed well and remove any stones before sowing.

Practice a crop rotation of four years to prevent build-up of diseases, read here more about crop rotation.



A week after germination you can start to thin out the plants to give all the plants enough space to get the biggest possible roots.

Keep the radishes irrigated, they will not grow well on dry, nor very wet soils.

Mulching can help to maintain the moisture around the radishes, this means putting for example straw around the radishes on top of the soil.

Keep weeding, radishes will not grow well with weeds.



Harvest when the radishes are around 1-2cm in diameter, harvest first one or two to try before harvesting the rest. 

When radishes grow too big, they will become empty on the inside and very fibery/dry, so it is important to harvest on time.

The greens of radishes are edible, they can be used for salads, soups or to make a great pesto, , do not throw them away!



Radishes keep best if you wash them, remove the leaves and roots and keep the bulbs in a glass container in your fridge together with a dampened kitchen paper. 

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