We aim to improve and develop the health and vitality of our soils, helping to create healthy seeds, healthy food and a healthy planet. We take responsibility for a transparent and environmentally sound production process, as well as the fair trading of our products.

The work culture and approach of Living Seeds fosters solidarity and cooperation. We willingly share our experiences and information, as well as giving support to our partners and clients. This is our commitment to the exchange, creation and expansion of knowledge in seed production.

We value the conservation and development of traditional and regional seed varieties, honoring cultural methods and helping to maintain sovereignty. Living Seeds Sementes Vivas will create diversity of traditional and new varieties. To support food independence, we aim to provide seeds that are adaptable to changing climate conditions. Our aim is for ecological, social and economic stability. Whilst supporting the local markets and economies, we integrate local people, local traditions and cultures into the project.

Our agricultural practices support, engage, sustain and preserve the different components of the ecosystem. We conserve and support wildlife and nature and sustain biodiversity.

To realise this we choose the way of sustainable agriculture, following and implementing the principles of organic and biodynamic production methods.

Organic Food from Organic Seeds

Most of the organic vegetables available on the market are produced from conventional seeds and thousands of varieties have disappeared from the market since the 1970s. The organic seed supply is limited and this is a threat to the future of organic food. By buying organic and biodynamic seeds, you are supporting the movement towards seed and food sovereignty.

Since 2015, Living Seeds Sementes Vivas has been striving to develop the production of healthy and diverse seeds through organic and biodynamic agriculture in Portugal. We have entered in our third year as a company and are very happy to be present in more than 240 shops, gathering many supporters and believers in local seeds.

We have signed cooperation agreements, among others with INIAV and ESAC, with whom we are working on several organic plant breeding programs on traditional Portuguese populations.

Our mission is to produce organic and biodynamic seeds to close the organic and biodynamic value cycle of farming and food. Seeds are the core of good, healthy food.

We want to invite everybody to engage with collecting seeds and to collaborate with others, including institutions and organic seed companies to improve the world.

Let’s start sowing now!

Produzindo alimentos biológicos