Living Seeds Sementes Vivas S.A. (LSSV) is an organic seed company, founded in July 2015 and based in Idanha-a-Nova, central Portugal, near to the border with Spain. LSSV produces and processes high quality open pollinated organic and biodynamic seeds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, cereals and pseudo cereals.

Our team has expanded to 30 people working in farming, plant breeding, seed multiplication, training, processing, packaging, sales, marketing and administration. In November 2017, we set up our daughter company Semillas Vivas SL in Spain.

Local adoptions of seeds to the Mediterranean climate and to local soil conditions are crucial to LSSV. We operate our own seed production site of 25ha, which is in conversion to Demeter, in addition to external multiplier fields. We are currently working with 35 growers across Portugal and Spain. Our goal is to increase this number to 50 growers by the end of 2018. Locations for growing LSSV seeds are carefully chosen to provide the best climatic and soil conditions for multiplication. In cooperation with municipalities, universities and other institutions we multiply their traditional seeds to revive them and to reintroduce them to the market and to farming. LSSV is mainly producing for the Mediterranean countries, as well as multiplying some special varieties for Northern European organic seed companies.

We offer a large diversity of modern and traditional varieties for professional growers as well as gardeners. Our 2018 catalogue contains 150 varieties. More than 50% of them are of our own production, the others are a selection of high quality seeds from proven organic and biodynamic seed producers form different countries in Europe.

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