Sementes Vivas is a 100% organic and biodynamic seed company, initially founded in July 2015 and based in Idanha-a-Nova, central Portugal, and since December 2017 in Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain. We produce, process and commercialise high quality, open-pollinated, organic and biodynamic seeds from vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, cereals and pseudo-cereals. 

Our international team consists of 30 people working across the organisation in farming, plant breeding, seed multiplication, training, processing, packaging, sales, marketing and administration.

Adapting local seeds to the Mediterranean climate and soil conditions is crucial to successful organic farming. In addition to external multiplier fields, we operate our own seed production site of 25 ha, which is in the process of converting to meet the biodynamic standards of Demeter. Locations for seed growing are carefully chosen to provide the best climatic and soil conditions for multiplication. We work closely with municipalities, universities and other institutions, reproducing their traditional seeds in order to revive and reintroduce them to farming and to the market.

The focus at Sementes Vivas is to produce seeds fit for the Mediterranean climate zones, as well as multiplying some special varieties for Northern European organic seed companies. We offer a diverse range of modern and traditional quality proven varieties for professional growers as well as gardeners. Our 2019 catalogue contains 141varieties. Over 50% of these are of our own production; the rest a selection of high-quality seeds from recognised organic and biodynamic producers, adapted for the climate of the Iberian Peninsula.