LSSV is working with Polytechnic Institutes like ESAC-IPC (Coimbra), ESACB (Castelo Branco), and the IPB (Bragança) as well as with INIAV, the Portuguese seed bank and research institute. LSSV and these institutes cooperate to establish trial fields developing high quality, organic and biodynamic seeds, training farmers in organic seed multiplication and designing tools and applied technology for farming and seed processing. LSSV and INIAV are developing a joint plant-breeding programme aiming to improve the quality of the top traditional Portuguese crops for organic and biodynamic farming. LSSV is also partner of the municipalities of Idanha-a-Nova and Alpiarça.

Furthermore we collaborate with international seed companies such as Bingenheirmer Saatgut AG in Germany, Sativa Rheinau AG in Switzerland and De Bolster B.V. in the Netherlads.

Alongside the Green Valley programme, which supports organic projects and education development in the Beira Baixa region, the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova has been a strong and active supporter of LSSV since the beginning.

LSSV is participating in LIVESEED as one of the members. LIVESEED is based on the concept that cultivars adapted to organic systems are key for realising the full potential of organic agriculture in Europe (leafet).


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