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Anis Erva-doce organic seeds
Anis Erva-doce
Anise has small white flowers, that bloom in early summer. The fruit is small and oval with a yellowish green colour. It is used in the preparation of sweets, liqueurs, teas and digestive infusions due to its beneficial health properties. The Anis promotes relaxation and it is often found in cough medicines. Easy to cultivate.
Basil organic seeds
<p>Produz folhas de tamanho médio com grande vigor e crescimento vegetativo, chegando aos 30 cm de altura. As folhas possuem um aroma intenso e delicioso. Variedade bem adaptada ao crescimento em vaso, ideal para hortelão urbano. Na cozinha casa na perfeição com massas e molhos de tomate.</p>
Black Cumin organic seeds
Black Cumin
Camomila Bio 0,5g organic seeds
Camomila Bio 0,5g
Canela Basil organic seeds
Canela Basil
Cominho Alcaravia Bio 1g organic seeds
Cominho Alcaravia Bio 1g
Biennual plant with a pronounced cumin flavour, used in many common dishes around the world. Helps digestion. If planted in winter the plant will grow as an annual. Strong aromatic plant which grows up to 60 cm tall.
Coriander organic seeds
Dill organic seeds
Fennel organic seeds
Lavender organic seeds
Perennial bush with purple and strong scented flowers. Addapted to dry climates. The flowers can be used medicinally, for teas, or as seasoning. It attracts many insects. Suited for pot cultivation.
Lemon Basil organic seeds
Lemon Basil
<p>A basil with pleasant lemon flavour. Ideal for fresh summer salads or for a refreshing tea.</p>
Marjoram organic seeds
Perennial herb used as oregano in many situations. Attracts many bees and other beneficial insects. Between 60 to 90 centimeters in height. Suited for pot cultivation.
Parsley Einfach schmitt organic seeds
Parsley Einfach schmitt
Red Basil organic seeds
Red Basil
<p>A striking aromatic basil with reddish brown leaves with a stronger flavour than sweet basil</p>
Salsa Gigante de Itália Bio 2g organic seeds
Salsa Gigante de Itália Bio 2g
Sálvia organic seeds
Sage is used in sauces, grills, fish dishes, vegetables, cheeses, aromatic oils and vinegars. It is an effective antiseptic, it supports digestion and it is also recommended in cases of asthma and infections of the mouth and throat. Sage is easy to grow and does well in pots. These vigorous plants provide plenty of leaves.
Thai Basil organic seeds
Thai Basil
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