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Aubergine Black Beauty organic seeds
Aubergine Black Beauty
Beringela Violetta Lunga 2 organic seeds
Beringela Violetta Lunga 2
Beringela White Egg organic seeds
Beringela White Egg
Eggplant Listada de Gandia organic seeds
Eggplant Listada de Gandia
Small aubergine, perfect for growing either in a pot or in the garden. These compact plants yield small (but delicious!) striped fruits, approximately 10 to 15cm long. 60 days from transplant to harvest. Grows well in both cool and hot climates.
Tsakoniki Eggplant organic seeds
Tsakoniki Eggplant
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By buying and sowing our Eggplants seeds in your yard, garden or vegetable garden you are choosing the best quality seeds: Organic and biodynamic. We bring back varieties of the best local and traditional seeds. Respecting people and the planet through high quality, open pollinated.