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Abóbora Green Hokkaido organic seeds
Abóbora Green Hokkaido
Round, broad and green Hokkaido squash with yellow flesh with nutty flavour. Very suitable for all kinds of dishes and soups. The fruits weigh 1 to 1,5 kg and store well. High and early yielding. Best sown in early spring, in trays or directly in the soil. Best results in fertile soil.
Pumpkin Butternut Waltham organic seeds
Pumpkin Butternut Waltham
A trailing kitchen squash with a remarkable pear shape. Fine nutty taste, matures late and stores well. Weighing between 1,5-2 kg.
Pumpkin Muscat de Provence organic seeds
Pumpkin Muscat de Provence
Trailing, vigorous variety with dark green, round and ribbed fruits wich develop a yellow grey shimmer as they ripen. Orange/red fleshed fruits, weighing between 5-10 kg. Slow growing, should not be harvested too early in Autumn. Thrives in warmer climates.
Pumpkin Red Kuri organic seeds
Pumpkin Red Kuri
<p>Round, broad and orange Hokkaido squash with yellow flesh with nutty flavour. High yielding and good for storing.</p>
Pumpkin Rouge Vif D'Etampes organic seeds
Pumpkin Rouge Vif D'Etampes
<p>An heirloom variety of squash. Produces broad, flat orange/red fruits with vivid orange flesh. Excellent for roasting but also good in soups. On average, weighing between 5-25 kg. In Southern regions, it ripens extremely early.</p>
Spagetti Pumpkin organic seeds
Spagetti Pumpkin
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By buying and sowing our Pumpkins seeds in your yard, garden or vegetable garden you are choosing the best quality seeds: Organic and biodynamic. We bring back varieties of the best local and traditional seeds. Respecting people and the planet through high quality, open pollinated.