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African Daisy organic seeds
African Daisy
A rich, white-petalled and blue-eyed daisy, with attractive grey/green foliage. Fast-growing, perennial plant which copes well in dry conditions. Beautiful for boarders with up to 60 cm height and 30 cm spread.
Amaranth Elephant Head organic seeds
Amaranth Elephant Head
A beautiful ornamental Amaranthus with big red flowers that can grow up to 1/2 m tall. Grows well in hot and dry climates. Also used to attract birds in the garden.
Amaranth Orange Giant organic seeds
Amaranth Orange Giant
6- to 8-foot tall plants with giant, golden orange heads and golden stems. In ideal conditions, each plant can produce 400 to 500 g of edible seeds. A beautiful and productive variety. Leaves also edible, with the best flavour when still small and young. Recommended for hot climates.
Amaranth Plainsman organic seeds
Amaranth Plainsman
A very widespread amaranth variety, of early maturation, with reddish-brown inflorescences and golden seeds. The height is smaller compared to other amaranth varieties, resulting in a very early harvest. The seeds are rich in iron. It is well adapted to hot climates.
Áster da China Double Mistura organic seeds
Áster da China Double Mistura
A beautiful blend of colors, strong stems make these a great choice for cut flowers. Excellent for adding colour to the garden, and can be also used in borders. Easy to cultivate, adapts well to various soil types, needs to be well drained and requires regular watering during the summer. Should be transplanted only after the risk of frost is over.
Borage organic seeds
Calendula organic seeds
Beautiful flower, the petals of which are also used medicinally. Good companion plant for tomatoes and asparagus. Attracts many beneficial insects and bees in the garden. Plant in spring or early summer for best results. Can also be planted in Autumn with good results in the areas with warmer winters.
Californian Poppy organic seeds
Californian Poppy
A delicate petaled tangerine-orange flower with silvery green foliage. Hardy annual which will flower for up to two months. Pretty as a cut flower, and an ideal bee attractor to your garden.
Camomila Bio 0,5g organic seeds
Camomila Bio 0,5g
China Aster Double Mix organic seeds
China Aster Double Mix
The aster brings fantastic colours to the garden in late summer and autumn, when many other species of flowers are already losing vitality. It’s flowers attract bees and butterflies and are great for cut flowers. Annual flower. It should be transplanted only after the risk of frost is over.
Cornflower organic seeds
An annually flowering plant with delicate, vivid, blue-purple flowers. Easy to grow, with an upright posture, does well in full sun. A great insect attractor and is also good as cut flowers.
Cosmos Mix organic seeds
Cosmos Mix
Mixture of cosmos which forms large, single flowers with yellow centres, blooming from midsummer on. Easy to grow. Aesthetically beautiful – ideal for borders and bouquets, with seed heads that attract birds. Tolerates poor soil and hot, humid conditions. Garden hints: for earlier bloom, plant seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before outdoor planting time. Can also be cultivated to cover the soil or cut and used as mulch.
Crested Prickly Poppy organic seeds
Crested Prickly Poppy
Echinacea organic seeds
Facélia organic seeds
Flower-Of-An-Hour organic seeds
Heartsease organic seeds
A viola with flowers of three colours. The small flowers are produced in large numbers over a long time. The flowers are edible and ideal to give colour to salads or deserts. Compact plants, very suitable for patio gardens.
Nasturtium organic seeds
Nasturtium is a trailing plant with beautiful orange and red flowers. The plants spread over a large area and will provide flowers and leaves during mainly the early spring and summer time. Both the leaves and flowers are edible and have a spicy peppery flavour – ideal to give a new turn to your salads.
Orange Cosmos organic seeds
Orange Cosmos
Vibrant orange profuse bloomer. Very hardy and low maintenance. May benefit from support as can grow up to 30-55 cm tall. Colourful abundant vigorous annual.
Paeonia Rosa Albardeira organic seeds
Paeonia Rosa Albardeira
From the Paeoniaceae family, this is a rustic flower with a simple beauty which is commonly used in Portuguese Easter processions; a threatened species cherished by us.
Red Poppy organic seeds
Red Poppy
A vivid red poppy. Annually-flowering, can grow up to 70 cm in height, sometimes seen wild in agricultural land. Striking and delicate, known for its symbolism of remembrance.
Red Sunflower organic seeds
Red Sunflower
Delightful annual sunflowers, typically reaching up to 3 m. Grows multiple flowers which are great as cut flowers. Quick-growing with daisy like flower heads. Popular bee attractor and the seeds are perfect as food for the birds!
Safflower organic seeds
A hardy thistle like annual, with deep orange, yellow and red globular flowers. Can grow to 90 cm tall and enjoys full sun exposure. A striking summer bedding plant or for cut flowers. Also commercially cultivated for the oil extracted from the seeds, used both medicinally and in cooking.
Sunflower organic seeds
Big sunflower, provides nectar for bees and beautiful to look at.
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