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Abóbora Green Hokkaido organic seeds
Abóbora Green Hokkaido
Round, broad and green Hokkaido squash with yellow flesh with nutty flavour. Very suitable for all kinds of dishes and soups. The fruits weigh 1 to 1,5 kg and store well. High and early yielding. Best sown in early spring, in trays or directly in the soil. Best results in fertile soil.
African Daisy organic seeds
African Daisy
A rich, white-petalled and blue-eyed daisy, with attractive grey/green foliage. Fast-growing, perennial plant which copes well in dry conditions. Beautiful for boarders with up to 60 cm height and 30 cm spread.
Amaranth Elephant Head organic seeds
Amaranth Elephant Head
A beautiful ornamental Amaranthus with big red flowers that can grow up to 1/2 m tall. Grows well in hot and dry climates. Also used to attract birds in the garden.
Amaranth Orange Giant organic seeds
Amaranth Orange Giant
6- to 8-foot tall plants with giant, golden orange heads and golden stems. In ideal conditions, each plant can produce 400 to 500 g of edible seeds. A beautiful and productive variety. Leaves also edible, with the best flavour when still small and young. Recommended for hot climates.
Amaranth Plainsman organic seeds
Amaranth Plainsman
A very widespread amaranth variety, of early maturation, with reddish-brown inflorescences and golden seeds. The height is smaller compared to other amaranth varieties, resulting in a very early harvest. The seeds are rich in iron. It is well adapted to hot climates.
Anis Erva-doce organic seeds
Anis Erva-doce
Anise has small white flowers, that bloom in early summer. The fruit is small and oval with a yellowish green colour. It is used in the preparation of sweets, liqueurs, teas and digestive infusions due to its beneficial health properties. The Anis promotes relaxation and it is often found in cough medicines. Easy to cultivate.
Áster da China Double Mistura organic seeds
Áster da China Double Mistura
A beautiful blend of colors, strong stems make these a great choice for cut flowers. Excellent for adding colour to the garden, and can be also used in borders. Easy to cultivate, adapts well to various soil types, needs to be well drained and requires regular watering during the summer. Should be transplanted only after the risk of frost is over.
Aubergine Black Beauty organic seeds
Aubergine Black Beauty
Azevém organic seeds
Basil organic seeds
<p>Produz folhas de tamanho médio com grande vigor e crescimento vegetativo, chegando aos 30 cm de altura. As folhas possuem um aroma intenso e delicioso. Variedade bem adaptada ao crescimento em vaso, ideal para hortelão urbano. Na cozinha casa na perfeição com massas e molhos de tomate.</p>
Beetroot Bola Vermelha 2 organic seeds
Beetroot Bola Vermelha 2
Beetroot Burpees Golden organic seeds
Beetroot Burpees Golden
Beetroot with beautiful golden/yellow colour, sweet flavour and ideal to give a new colour to your beetroot dishes. Ready for harvest 12 to 16 weeks from transplant. Leaves can be eaten raw or like spinach.
Beetroot Detroit Globe organic seeds
Beetroot Detroit Globe
Beetroot Tonda Di Chioggia organic seeds
Beetroot Tonda Di Chioggia
Beetroot with red white circles on the inside. An old variety from Italy with a very good sweet flavour and a good performance in different climates. Ideal for eating raw or cooking, the leaves are also edible and can be eaten raw or like spinach.
Beringela Violetta Lunga 2 organic seeds
Beringela Violetta Lunga 2
Beringela White Egg organic seeds
Beringela White Egg
Black Cumin organic seeds
Black Cumin
Black Radish organic seeds
Black Radish
Borage organic seeds
Branca de Lisboa Onion
Branca de Lisboa Onion
Less pungent than yellow and red, with a moderately spicy taste; perfect for eating raw in beautiful Portuguese salad.
Broad Bean Hangdown Grunkernig organic seeds
Broad Bean Hangdown Grunkernig
Broad bean Super Aguadulce organic seeds
Broad bean Super Aguadulce
An easy to grow heirloom variety originating from Spain. Hardy, long pod cultivar, ranging from 15-17 cm. Produces creamy broad beans, delicious when eaten either fresh or dry.
Broccoli Calabrese Natalino organic seeds
Broccoli Calabrese Natalino
A variety of broccoli with a cycle of 120 days. These fast-growing plants grow single heads with a good flavour. The many side shoots that are produced and the leaves are also edible. Best planted on fertile soil and with herbs or onion to repel insect pests.
Cabbage Eersteling organic seeds
Cabbage Eersteling
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