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Radish French Breakfast 2 organic seeds
Radish French Breakfast 2
Radish Saxa 2 organic seeds
Radish Saxa 2
Rainbow Chard organic seeds
Rainbow Chard
Red Basil organic seeds
Red Basil
<p>A striking aromatic basil with reddish brown leaves with a stronger flavour than sweet basil</p>
Red Sunflower organic seeds
Red Sunflower
Delightful annual sunflowers, typically reaching up to 3 m. Grows multiple flowers which are great as cut flowers. Quick-growing with daisy like flower heads. Popular bee attractor and the seeds are perfect as food for the birds!
Rhubarb Chard organic seeds
Rhubarb Chard
<p>A striking old heirloom variety of Swiss chard. Bright red stems, with dark green or purple broad leaves. Long crop which can be extended by regular harvesting. Resprouting versatile green from which the leaf, stem and even flower can be eaten like a sprouting broccoli.</p>
Rocket Ruca organic seeds
Rocket Ruca
Safflower organic seeds
A hardy thistle like annual, with deep orange, yellow and red globular flowers. Can grow to 90 cm tall and enjoys full sun exposure. A striking summer bedding plant or for cut flowers. Also commercially cultivated for the oil extracted from the seeds, used both medicinally and in cooking.
Salsa Gigante de Itália Bio 2g organic seeds
Salsa Gigante de Itália Bio 2g
Savory organic seeds
Spagetti Pumpkin organic seeds
Spagetti Pumpkin
Spinach Butterflay organic seeds
Spinach Butterflay
Sunflower organic seeds
Big sunflower, provides nectar for bees and beautiful to look at.
Thai Basil organic seeds
Thai Basil
Tomato Coração de Boi
Tomato Coração de Boi
<p>The tomato that is most loved by the Portuguese – irregular, sometimes almost deformed, captivating for its sweetness and delicacy; wonderful in salads and 'malandrinho' tomato risotto.</p>
Tomato Green Zebra organic seeds
Tomato Green Zebra
This classic variety ripens early and is very productive. The plants need support and yield many yellow/green tomatoes, weighing on average 90 g. It has a slightly sweet, acidic flavour.
Watermelon Charleston Gray organic seeds
Watermelon Charleston Gray
Watermelon Crimson Sweet organic seeds
Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Beautifully striped watermelon with a sweet taste and fine structure. The inner colour is light pink. Each fruit weighs between 5 and 10 kg.
Watermelon Sugar Baby organic seeds
Watermelon Sugar Baby
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By buying and sowing our May seeds in your yard, garden or vegetable garden you are choosing the best quality seeds: Organic and biodynamic. We bring back varieties of the best local and traditional seeds. Respecting people and the planet through high quality, open pollinated.