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African Daisy organic seeds
African Daisy
A rich, white-petalled and blue-eyed daisy, with attractive grey/green foliage. Fast-growing, perennial plant which copes well in dry conditions. Beautiful for boarders with up to 60 cm height and 30 cm spread.
Aubergine Black Beauty organic seeds
Aubergine Black Beauty
Basil organic seeds
<p>Produz folhas de tamanho médio com grande vigor e crescimento vegetativo, chegando aos 30 cm de altura. As folhas possuem um aroma intenso e delicioso. Variedade bem adaptada ao crescimento em vaso, ideal para hortelão urbano. Na cozinha casa na perfeição com massas e molhos de tomate.</p>
Beetroot Bola Vermelha 2 organic seeds
Beetroot Bola Vermelha 2
Beetroot Detroit Globe organic seeds
Beetroot Detroit Globe
Beetroot Tonda Di Chioggia organic seeds
Beetroot Tonda Di Chioggia
Beetroot with red white circles on the inside. An old variety from Italy with a very good sweet flavour and a good performance in different climates. Ideal for eating raw or cooking, the leaves are also edible and can be eaten raw or like spinach.
Beringela Violetta Lunga 2 organic seeds
Beringela Violetta Lunga 2
Beringela White Egg organic seeds
Beringela White Egg
Black Cumin organic seeds
Black Cumin
Black Radish organic seeds
Black Radish
Branca de Lisboa Onion organic seeds
Branca de Lisboa Onion
Less pungent than yellow and red, with a moderately spicy taste; perfect for eating raw in beautiful Portuguese salad.
Broad Bean Hangdown Grunkernig organic seeds
Broad Bean Hangdown Grunkernig
Broad bean Super Aguadulce organic seeds
Broad bean Super Aguadulce
An easy to grow heirloom variety originating from Spain. Hardy, long pod cultivar, ranging from 15-17 cm. Produces creamy broad beans, delicious when eaten either fresh or dry.
Cabbage Penca Póvoa Amarela organic seeds
Cabbage Penca Póvoa Amarela
Cabbage Penca Póvoa Verde organic seeds
Cabbage Penca Póvoa Verde
Native to the lands of Esposende, resistant to the cold winds, this is a cabbage of exuberant green leaves and pearl-white stalks; another beautiful protagonist of Portuguese Christmas Eve.
Cabbage Smaragd organic seeds
Cabbage Smaragd
<p>Vigorous variety with medium to dark emerald green, strongly crinkled surrounding leaves. Firm round to oval shaped heads, medium sized inner stem. Good and delicate flavour.ou arredondada. </p>
Canela Basil organic seeds
Canela Basil
Carrot Jaune du Doubs organic seeds
Carrot Jaune du Doubs
Carrot Jaune du Doubs is an ancient variety with a yellow interior, elongated shape and sweet-tasting pulp. It is very productive and has good storage capacity during the winter.
Carrot Nantes organic seeds
Carrot Nantes
Carrot Rodelika organic seeds
Carrot Rodelika
Produz cenouras de casca suave e de cor laranja avermelhada. Colheita com produtividade média, com boa capacidade para produção em larga escala e armazenamento, caso tenha boas condições. Bem adaptada a solos pesados. Possui um sabor doce e intensamente aromático.
Chard Glatter Silber organic seeds
Chard Glatter Silber
Possui folhas largas verdes escuras contrastando com os seus talos brancos ligeiramente prateados. É uma variedade que produz colheitas abundantes e que é resistente ao espigamento. Planta muito versátil com um tempo de colheita longo, sendo o corte das folhas possível até mesmo durante o inverno. Saborosa, tenra e nutritiva, traz mais verde à sua cozinha.
Chives organic seeds
<p>Perennial herb with onion flavour, variety with large leaves and upright growth. Good yield providing chives for many salads. Suited for pot cultivation.</p>
Cominho Alcaravia Bio 1g organic seeds
Cominho Alcaravia Bio 1g
Biennual plant with a pronounced cumin flavour, used in many common dishes around the world. Helps digestion. If planted in winter the plant will grow as an annual. Strong aromatic plant which grows up to 60 cm tall.
Coriander organic seeds
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