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Enjoy our organic vegetables products, produced
naturally and that will give you unique sensations!
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Enjoy our organic vegetables, naturally produced and that will give you unique flavors!


Discover the importance of biological and biodynamic seeds
and how they can give rise to unique fragrances.


Our products are free of any genetic changes,
completely natural and healthy!

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We do not only produce organic and biodynamic seeds, we also develop a concept. We are bringing back local and traditional varieties from our regions, as well as providing new varieties with excelllent quality. Combined with respecting and improving local economies, and with care for people and planet through quality seeds.

Quem Somos/Wo We Are

who are we

We are a multinational team with training and experience in organic farming.
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Como Trabalhamos/How We Work

How we work

We work with Nature so that our soils remain healthy and so our seeds and our food are also healthy.

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Produtos de Qualidade/Quality Products

Quality products

Our organic products are grown under an agriculture system without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to have the best quality.

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